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Sep 28, 2011

Driven Ep 05: Time

Time .... our enemy or our ally in life? Do you use it to the fullest to fulfill your dreams? Or do you wait for time to pass and hope for something good to happen to you?

Watch the video on how athletes riding on Trek see and understand this abstract concept, and see if you have the same ideas in life.

Sep 23, 2011

The Atherton Project season 3 episode 9

A win, some push-ups and a bit of frustration. Episode 9 of "The Atherton project" series is up!

Sep 9, 2011

The Atherton Project season 3 episode 8

The Atherton family is back! This week we have appearences form Mick Extance and Max Commencal, we get dirty in some mud and we race in the world cup (as you do).


Aug 15, 2011

Yeti/Fox team ep 2

More footage from deep into the season. The line-up is the same as in episode 1, the music changed to something more punk-rock to emphasise on the fast pace and the stress on the riders and the equipment.

New reality show for Yeti/Fox team

A lot of teams out there want to give a look behind the scenes, to show people a fraction of the work put into the team and equipment preparation before an event. Aaron Gwin's former team, Yeti Cycles partenered with Fox Racing Shox and the new Yeti/Fox was born. They feature riders like Jared Graves, Shaun O'Connor, Elliot Jackson, Richie Rude, Tyler Immer and Brandon Yrttiaho.

The music score is very nice and is provided by Glitch Mob, Starve The Ego Feed The Soul and Fortune Days. Makes watching the video captivating, so click that play button.

Jul 28, 2011

How to cool off in the summer

Temperatures of 35+ degrees Celsius keep you from riding your bike without getting sunburned and soaked in sweat?  Do you have a body of water nearby? You do? Well then.... you need some people, shovels, bikes, floating stuff to attach to your bike, lots of friends nearby and a positive attitude towards fun.

The result should be similar to this clip.

Jul 20, 2011

Aaron Gwin and Trek Session

8 months of riding downhill was all it took for Aaron Holmes Gwin to participate in the World Cup. This sensation dubbed "the saviour of US downhill scene" comes from a motocross racing background, which he abandoned due to constant injuries, and he also rode BMX's for many years.

After a series of wins that took the downhill world by surprise, beating athletes like Gee Atherton, Sam Hill and Steve Peat, he unveilled one of the secrets of his success: the all-new 2012 Trek Session 9.9 carbon